Tuesday, June 20, 2006

هذا ليس حلاً

ما نبيها حرب شوارع


MARSHAL Q8 said...

السؤال اللي يطرح نفسه ..

هل هو عمل فردي عفوي ..!

ام عمل جماعي منظم مخطط له ..!

لا اله الا الله ..!

Arfana said...



Sheba said...

السلام عليكم

welcome back to the blog world!

I need to take your permission in copying كلام الطوفة
قصيدة الوداع

for 2 blogs, if its okay, please let me know on da_me@hotmail.com

thank you :)

Alia said...

صح ما نبيها حرب شوارع

بس خل نقول هذا دليل ان الناس بدت توعى؟


Jewaira said...

The important thing is to actually vote with a true conscience on 29th June and raise awareness amongst voters.

wonders.me said...

That’s completely unacceptable. However we disagree. We want to resolve things in a civilized manner and not like this childish way. We got truth on our side, and such ways only harm our cause.

wonders.me said...

Just heard that they arrested Jamal AlOmar for buying votes...it would be amazing if its true!

White Wings said...

حجم التخريب يدل على أنه عمل فردي، أرجو الا يأخذ حجم اكبر

I know :) but we do want to keep it civil

Thanks for the greeting and I answered in an email and I am doing so here: of course you can, you know the poem is not mine, it is Faieq Abduljaleel’s himself

أعتقد أنه دليل أن الناس طفرت ووصلت حدها، بسهم خراب وفساد، ولكننا نريد أن نحارب بالطريقة الصح، مثل ما سويتي يعني :)

Yes, and mentioning awareness, isn’t KTV a disgrace? Nothing at all on this awareness subject?

You are right, and we are gaining power and looking good :) we need to maintain this success
And yes, Jamal Al-Omar was called by the general attorney, what a victory
You soon should know the heroes that made it happen, I am waiting for them to say something first

wonders.me said...
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wonders.me said...
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wonders.me said...

Hey! check you out, you wings of white. sounds like you got to tell us more :)
I think the wave has started, no one can stop what has been started
الله ايخلي الكويت

oh white_wings you realise that I left you with a scoop about jamal. i thought i should cause u've visited my lonely blog. LOL!
bes inshallah, there will be more good news to come, we all deserve better news

AyyA said...

Regardless of what we feel toward this guy, but this is definitely unacceptable.

White Wings said...

will let you know more soon :) hopefully all good news

I agree, violence is never the answer

Anonymous said...

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