Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mumbo Jumbo

The following is an article that was passed on to me by a Canadian friend asking about the validity of its information, what do you think?
This is an article that some anthropologists are looking at in studying social ideologies of Kuwait!!

How Bluetooth helps young Kuwaitis get it on.
Phone Sexby Joseph Braude Only at TNR OnlinePost date: 09.14.06
Salmiya, Kuwait
The clock is ticking for Sultan Juan--that's an alias--a 27-year-old Syrian-born wage earner betrothed to a virgin from his home country. They've been out on a date only once, chaperoned by half the village, but he says she's beautiful, and he faithfully calls her in Syria three times a week from his flat in Kuwait City. Next summer, the two will marry, at which time Sultan promises that he will say goodbye forever to his 14 female sex partners here in the Gulf.
I watch him sweat to add a fifteenth at Grand Café--a hipster hookah bar in this seaside suburb of Kuwait City--and wonder whether he'll really be able to turn off his mojo once and for all in less than a year. In the meantime, though, the only thing standing between him and a promising fling is his mobile phone. He is hurling obscenities at it. "Damn this thing! It won't let me text!" he says in Arabic to his PPC-6700, a Bluetooth-enabled device with a large, full-color screen.
That's because the mating call of choice in Muslim countries today is the wireless digital telegram--a discrete medium for surreptitious flirting and hooking up that circumvents authoritarian strategies for repressing casual sex. In patriarchal societies like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait or hard-line regimes like Iran, methods for preventing unchaperoned dating range from legal restrictions on non-familial mixing between the sexes to tough social taboos, reinforced at home and at school, that render frontal flirtation all but impossible. Mobile phones, now widely in use by teens and twentysomethings throughout the Middle East, enable swinging singles to tiptoe around these roadblocks: A group of boys can appear to be hanging with each other when they're really chatting it up with girls across the hall. And, thanks to Bluetooth technology, which renders phone numbers unnecessary by enabling short-range, anonymous signaling, it's even possible for a boy and a girl to meet and mingle without any prior arrangement. Small wonder some Muslim clerics in the Gulf and elsewhere have called for a Bluetooth ban. So far, their plea has fallen on deaf ears--which is less than I can say about one young woman's audible overture to Sultan Juan tonight at the Grand Café.

Somewhere nearby, a girl has just sent Sultan an indication that she may want to sleep with him. Two lines from a song by the sultry Egyptian pop star Angham--in which the singer instructs her beloved to stop being coy and bed down with her--warble through the tiny speaker in Sultan's hand. Unfortunately, since yesterday--when his phone caught some sort of virus--he has been unable to send text messages.
"I have two options," Sultan explains in tell-it-straight Damascus slang. "I can send her my phone number and hope she calls--that's an automatic feature on this phone--or I can transmit entire files off of Windows, like a graphic image or one of the poems I wrote." Either way, he'd better do something fast. The handset now emits a chirping sound, which signals that the girl nearby has followed up her singing telegram with a text message. Sultan reads the one-liner then hands me the device for a look-see.
"R U Syrian???"
Oil-rich Kuwait, like many Arabian Gulf sheikhdoms, is mainly staffed by expatriate workers--from Asia, the Indian subcontinent, poor Arab countries like Syria, and the West--who collectively outnumber the indigenous population. "Either she knows me," Sultan whispers, "or she's close enough to our table that she can hear my accent." He takes a puff from his waterpipe, briefly shrouding his face in smoke.
Since most customers at the Grand Café tonight are bearded men in sandals and headgear, it's not hard to guess where the messages are coming from. Four tables past ours, three young women sit giggling over a hand-held device. The girl facing us is a little heavyset, I would guess, for Sultan's discriminating appetite; and the two with their backs to us are veiled. Sultan says he's banking on his love interest being among the latter, and, though I can't see their faces, I can understand why: Their tight-fitting silky black head coverings extend below their shoulders, clinging tightly to their willowy frames. One of the two has already played the bathroom card--the closest Kuwaiti love culture ever gets to a catwalk--strutting past our table en route to the lady's room. And she's a looker.
"I know!" Sultan says as he scrolls through his tiny hard drive to retrieve a digital image for use in response to the text message. It's a picture of the Syrian flag with sculpted busts of the late dictator Hafez Al Assad and his reigning heir Bashar peering regally into the distance. The tacky propaganda was surely intended for loftier purposes, but it'll do the trick. Sultan hits "Send."
All three girls instantly chortle across the room.
Within a half hour, their steamy back-and-forth has reached a boiling point. At last, the veiled hottie sends Sultan a fateful, blessed text message that promises to seal the deal. In just four words, she conveys to her paramour that it's time for him to come over to her table so they can meet face to face for a fleeting moment and make absolutely sure they want to have sex with each other.
Go get 'em, tiger.

Sultan does not invite me to see where this flirtation takes him, but he tells me that it follows the same pattern of his other escapades three or four times each week: It ends behind closed doors in the bedroom of an apartment he shares with his father. He says he buzzes the woman in after midnight, makes her a cup of Turkish coffee or sweet tea, and, after a brief conversation, goes at it.
"Sometimes an hour, sometimes a few hours," he explains. "The one rule is they always go home. It's no problem for me if they stay, but they all live with their parents, so they have to go back."
I have come to know the individual we're calling Sultan over the past few days and found him to be a man of professional integrity--not prone to exaggerate--for whom reporting facts is a virtue. So when he says he has 14 love partners in Kuwait City and that his story isn't particularly rare, I believe him. I ask him if his prolific cross-pollination has a historical precedent in this conservative Gulf society--or if Bluetooth technology is fueling an explosion of casual sex.
"In my case," he says, referring to his father--whose exploits took place long before the advent of Bluetooth--"sex runs in the family."
Joseph Braude is the author of The New Iraq: Rebuilding the Country for Its People, the Middle East, and the World.


dilli o milli said...

ياااه..الله يهداج ، يعني ما لقيتي موضوع أقصر من هالمعلقات ؟!! يبيلنا أسبوع يالله أنخلصها..على العموم عيوني تخيطت وباجر اقرى شويه منها وبعدين اليوم اللي وراه وهكذا...وأعطيج التعليق في أجازة عيد الفطر هذا أذا ما سافرت بالعيد

Fuzzy said...

hmmm interesting study on reptiles hehehe , but why do they blame bluetooh ! its just another communication protocol

White Wings said...

صح كلامج، أنا شخصياً ما أفضل البوستات الطويلة، بس هذا الموضوع سريع جد، ياخذ منك خمس دقائق :)

the writer is claiming bluetooth the new dating facilitator in Kuwait, but what do you think about his observations on the social matter itself? said...

I think it's very likely that the article is true.

But I agree with Fuzzy yet again (well not about the reptiles!). It's not about bluetooth. People connect using whatever means. From notes passed, to dropping numbers, to phone calls, to the internet, to bluetooth, etc. And before it was more social, with the setups by friends, and even family.

Let's not confuse sexual promiscuity with technology. Bluetooth might be helping the casual encounter, but it didn't start it and doesn't cause it.

بالديسار said...

Very interesting read on kuwait, although I must put a redline under anyplace with all kuwaiti bearded men in sandals and headgear!! For a Canadian I would say “ get the hell out man … fast .. go somewhere safe”

Every generation got its own way of meeting the other sex. In my days no mobile phones were available to us (oh my god I’m so old), yet still we all had lots of encounters with girls.

AyyA said...

Sexual attraction between genders is natural, and the more the society is closed and reserved, the more is the urge to satisfy this attraction. Using mobiles or any other technical devices are just means of communication. The problem lies in segregation of the sexes, the fact that adds to the mysteries of this taboo and makes it more exiting. Many scandalous affairs are due to this segregation. Locking a woman in would not stop her desires; it only blindfolds her guardians to her actions. And surprisingly; I have found that many parents of these societies would prefer not to know the truth than exposing their offspring to an open minded society. And I personally see it as a lack of parental responsibility in building trust in their kids and accepting this attraction as something natural.

dilli o milli said...

مسألة أستخدام البلوتوث الشعب ماشي على التكنولوجيا يعني أول كان (أوراق/تليفون/نقال/أنترنت)

أما الموضوع من الناحيه الأجتماغيه واللي سألتني فزي عنه فهذا يبيله قلب عشان الواحد يشرحه بوضوح والصراحه أنا كش ينبي من قرائة الموضوع وضاق خلقي على الأشياء المذكوره ! يجوز هذي أتحصل عندنا بالكويت بس أنا كله أحاول ما أقرى عنها . بس أنتي ما أقدر أردلج طلب عشان جذيه قريته لي آخره ورأي من الناحيه الأجتماعيه ليس بالتفصيل ولكن بنقاط : التربيه الخطأ ، قلة الرقايه ، مسألة لبسي حجاب وطلعي على كيفج ، فصل الجنسين نشر ثقافة "حرام" على كل شي......فأصبح المثل القائل "كل ممنوع مرغوب" يطبق على أرض الواقع

White Wings said...

well said, sir, our trouble today lies in the fact that we blame the means for the end result and ignore the intention. However, I still have a problem with the Eroticizing of "the East" that I sense in the article..

My problem with this article is the scandalous context in which it placed the Kuwaiti society, as if men and women get together not to know each other and create relationships but to have promiscuous sex and “only” for that purpose, making it the common situation, this notion, I have big problem with
I like the reptile theory :)

I agree with all you said of course, but again,as I mentioned above, ther is a sense of demeaning eroticization and “exotication,” I just made up this word” :) of the society as if this is all we aim for, don’t you think?

أسعد الله أيامك ولبى كل أحلامك عزيزتي
كلام ممتاز بس هالمقال يبين أن احنا شعب جنسي لا يفكر الا في حاجاته الجسدية، نظرة غربية للشرق الساحر العميق المظلم
في تعميم المقال عنصرية شديدة، والا اشرايج؟؟

AyyA said...

The sense of demeaning eroticization and “exotication,” ,as you put it and as I liked it :), is there, yet; I can’t judge it’s validity since it’s about a personal experience, and I have heard stories worse than that, but sure, this can’t be generalized, there are different kinds of fish in the sea, not all have sex on mind when they flirt, but most end up with it when the meeting is done away from curious eyes. And also this palpable mostly amidst very reserved families, which is not always the case, since there are a lot of open minded families among Kuwaitis and other Gulf citizens.

Soulwater said...

nice article.

Anonymous said...

I agree there is something about it that is disturbing. Not the fact that people have sex in Kuwait, which would be naïve, but there was a sort of talking-down about it. A bit dehumanising the situation. For example:

"the mating call of choice in Muslim countries today is the wireless digital telegram"

"Their tight-fitting silky black head coverings extend below their shoulders, clinging tightly to their willowy frames"

"One of the two has already played the bathroom card--the closest Kuwaiti love culture ever gets to a catwalk--strutting past our table en route to the lady's room."

However, over all, I think it’d be hard not to, as you say, make it "exotication." It simply is - to a foreigner. Dare I say, it would even be exotic, to some Kuwaitis reading it. These topics are not usually discussed, and traditionally these things are kept in secret. Perhaps, that’s why the telling of this story by a foreigner seems a bit offensive.

dilli o milli said...

ما أعتقد كان هناك تعميم لأن الموضوع كان محدد وكان يتكلم عن تجربه شخصيه مر فيها مع صديقه السوري وكتب عنها.بس طريقة سرده للقصه كان بأسلوب سخريه مقززه وهذا شي ما أستبعده من واحد أجنبي يكتب عن موضوع العلاقه بين الجنسين في دول متحفظه مثل الدول الخليجيه

أسعد الله أيامج ولبى كل أحلامج وفتح كل الأبواب اللي جدامج :D

dilli o milli said...

مبارك عليك الشهر الفضيل *

tweety said...

سامحيني اني ما قريت البوست ماعندي وقت كلش بس اوعدج امر مرة ثانية وأقراه
كنت بقولج : مبارك عليج الشهر
وكل سنة وانتى وكل من يعز عليج بخير

White Wings said...

You know, I am not even judging this story on a personal level, I mean if this man and woman find promiscuous sex valid and have no moral problem with it, then it is their business as long as they don’t bring it into my territory :)
Maybe it is the title that made this article an Eastern case, the minute I read the title it dominated the rest of the article, and everything that came after, came as an echo to it, does that make sense? :)
Refer to wonders’ comment above, gives further examples
Happy Ramadan darling, may it be the month of your happiness, wherever your happiness may lie

Nice of you to come by :)

Yes, you said it as I didn’t know how :)
And the title, in it lies the biggest problem, no??

يمكن العنوان يا عزيزتي، وشوفي بعد ملاحظات ووندرز أعلاه، يمكن يوضح الي في بالي أكثر
مبارك عليج الشهر غاليتي، شنو فطوركم اليوم؟ ماكو على التشريب

هلا بالعصفورة
خلي المقال يولي، كافي زيارتج
كل عام وأنت بخير، أعاده الله عليك بكل خير وسعادة
عساك مغردة في هذا الشهر وطول السنة يا رب

Anonymous said...

قالت تشريب! ! ودلي تقول هريس...وانا انطر اليوم الي اذوق يريش خالتي مرة ثانية! مو معقول! آسف
white wings
كنت اقصد اقول مبارك عليكم الشهر انشالله
About the title, I presume you mean "How Bluetooth helps young Kuwaitis get it on."
Well honestly I’m not sure how to take it. Overall, I think the author was either short of understanding the sensibilities of our culture, or has just dismissed it because he thought we would never read it. Worse yet, perhaps he didn’t care.

I think you might have something else to say…as witty said to me recently ("c'mon, just say what you mean!"). LOL. I don't know what else to say.

Someone with more understanding of our culture, would've taken more care. Why assume this person knows much, or cares so much?

BTW, our own general attitude in literature and popular culture is of a similar ignorance, if not worse, when it comes to commentary of other cultures. Don't you think?

Uh oh. I might have opened up a new discussion.

Witty said...

hmmm..very interesting, yet not surprising, article.

I believe that all of you have done a great job discussing it. And I do agree to the utmost with White Wings' 'problem' with this article: how it perceives the Kuwaiti society. Nevertheless, as I saw it, the article talked about Kuwait as an example of a wider, bigger scale issue.

It could just be my version of a 'conspiracy theory', but i feel the article is addressing not only Kuwait and the Gulf countries, but Islam in general. And the only 'second' thing they associate Islam with is sexual frustration; the first being terrorism.

Just like White Wings felt the article was an echo to its title, I saw the following sentence dominating the whole of it:

"That's because the mating call of choice in Muslim countries today is the wireless digital telegram..."

I agree, no matter how true the article might be/is, it had a demeaning and sarcastic tone to it. I couldn't help but imagine the writer's grin with "I told you so" written all over his face when he was writing this article.

(Does anyone else see it? Or is it just me?!)

As for why and how to deal with this global perception of Islam, that's another long comment! :/

Witty said...

إي صج .. مبارك عليج الشهر :)

and great post, thanks for giving us the opportunity to discuss it.

Mamloo7a Q8ia said...

مبارك عليج الشهر وعساج تعودينه بالصحه والعافيه

اما الموضوع انا اشوفها قصه وتجربه شخصيه سمعت للاسف اكثر منها وما تعني ان كل الشعب تحركه غرائزه الجنسيه

وفي كل المجتمعات سواء المغلقه او المتفتحه هناك استخدام خاطيء للتطور التكنلوجي.. اي مجتمع فيه الصالح وفبه الطالح، بس دائما الغرب يحاولون تصوير المجتمعات المسلمه بانها مجتمعات مهووسه بالجنس والسبب نوعيه من الناس تعطي انطباع خاطيء عن المجتمع باكمله بتصرفات غير مسئوله ولا تمت لنا ولا لاخلاقنا الاسلاميه الصحيحه بأي صله مع الاسف
ومن الاشياء اللي تخليهم ياخذون هالانطباع عنا ان هذه الفئه من الناس تتفاخر وتتباهى بأفعالها الخاطئه امام الغربيين وذلك لاثبات انهم متحضرين ومتفتحين ونسوا قول الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم واذا بليتم فاستتروا
لا ما شاء الله عليهم الجماعه يطبقون مبديء ابليس واذا بليتم فجاهروا وتفاخروا
وهذي مشكلتنا الكبيره
اسفه على الاطاله لان الموضوع وايد حرني وبط جبدي
اللهم استر على المسلمين والمسلمات

Arfana said...

whity, missed you!

i actually appreciate the article as it is being absolutely frank. Condesending it may be, our use of double standards "socially" very well deserves that tone.

yeah, and ramadan gana ya lahwy

White Wings said...

كل عام وأنت بخير
ويا جماعة شوفولنا صحن هريس، يريش وتشريب مرة وحدة لوندرز، لا يزعل علينا :)
Yes sir, opened a new discussion :)
I really said what I wanted to say, basically that this is one more ignorant writer who sees us all as oppressed, thus over compensating creatures in terms of sexual behavior
What do you think I want to say? As witty says ("c'mon, just say what you mean!"):)
And yes, I think we do display ignorance in our literatures but far less than the West does, I think we are better followers of their news and culture than they are of ours, now, what do you think? :)

I totally see your conspiracy theory :) and I think that you couldn’t be more right about our association with terrorism and sexual frustration.
I do believe however that the perception here is of Arabism and not Islam, I think Christian Arabs are perceived the same way more or less, there is some thing about being Arabic that makes one a very erotic and over sexualized person:)
وعساه شهر خير وسعادة عليك والعفو عزيزتي ونورتينا بزيارتك ونقاشك المثمر

هلا والله، وكل عام وأنت بخير
شلون رمضان معاك؟
مسألة استخدام التكنلوجيا مسألة مهمة جداً، لأن احنا دائماً نلومها على أي توجه في مجتمعنا بدل ما نلوم استخدامنا لها
أما مسألة الدين، فأعتقد التوجه المغالي الحالي عزز صورة سيئة عن مجتمعاتنا، والشر يعم
وأطيلي كثر ما تبين، دائماً سعيدة بزيارتج

I agree that our society has a serious problem of a double-standard life style, however, I don’t see why this article had to employ a condescending tone, and a very stereotypical one above all
Ya lahwy for the next couple of years when Ramadan hits in the summer :) so save it till then and enjoy the mild weather now
كل عام وأنت بخير، الحلو ايه النهارده؟

FREEQ8 said...

أن سبقتيني بالتهنئه ...فهذا من فضلك وذوقك ... وان سبقتك أنا فهو من علو قدرك
جيت ارد التهنئه والزياره

White Wings said...

حياك سيدي الكريم، وفضلك سابق دائما
ومرة أخرى كل عام وأنت بخير
مذا تفضل من برامج التلفزيون؟ اسأل لأنني للتو انتهيت من مسلسل خالد بن الوليد، ولا رأي عندي لحد الآن :)

Mamloo7a Q8ia said...

مشكوره يالغاليه وعساها مدونه دايمه وعساها عامره بحسج وعساج دوم سعيده بزيارتي او بدونها
واخباري مع رمضان اخبار خير والحمدالله
انتي شخبارج مع رمضان والتدريس لعيالج اللي في الدور الخامس ؟ والحلوين خواته؟
بدينا التحرش ... هه هه ها

Witty said...

تسلمين عزيزتي وإنتي اللي مشكورة على هالمدونة القيمة :)

Although I still think it's about Islam and Muslims, rather than arabs, I can see your point. They DO associate us with 'hyperactivity'.

أتخيلهم لما يقولون عرب ، يطري عليهم الجواري وشي نفس هارون الرشيد والحرملك :/

Soud said...

مبارك عليكم الشهر

تشريب يا سلااام

الله يصبرنا على الباقى من شهر رمضان , الجوع ما يرحم وخاصة بالنسبة لنا ذوى الأحجام الكبيرة :)

Soud said...

يربط بعض المفكرين تطور اى مجتمع بتطور الفكر الجنسي لدية , تطور
القيم الجنسية , والعلاقة بين الجنسين

طبعا في ظل سياسة منع الاختلاط الموجودة عندنا راح تنتشر الكثير من المفاهيم الخاطئة عن الجنس و العلاقة بين الجنسين , طالعي مجتمعنا مثلا ارتفاع نسبة الطلاق بين الأزواج وتعتقدين شنو السبب ؟؟؟؟

طبعا ولحل هذه المعضلة بإلغاء قانون منع الاختلاط و بتدريس مفهوم الثقافة الجنسية ومن الصغر فى المدارس على حسب كل مرحلة أو مستوى

خلاصة القول الأخلاق الجنسية المتحضرة تؤدى إلى خلق ناس فاهمين واعيين صحيحين نفسيا, وبالتالي إلى بناء مجتمع متقدم واعي متحضر

dilli o milli said...

white wings

أم طلال..ذبحني الحارج والرقعه ماااا أدري من معطينا عين على أكل رمضان!!؟؟ خاصه التشريبه (أم الحارج)عندي والهريس!! مت هونت ماني ماكله وجبات رمضانيه :"(

Anonymous said...

White wings, about who follows who and who's ignorant of the other...
Call me an idealist, but I believe that we are all in it together. I’d rather not talk about west vs east or them vs us. It's all a matter of respect and understanding, on an individual level, before the tyranny of generalisations.

White Wings said...

شكراً دعواتك الرقيقة، أحلي شيئ الواحد يبدأ يومه بها
وبعدين يا المملوحة الولد في الدور الحامس والى الآن تبيني أدرسه؟؟
حتى الي في الدور الثالث ما أدرسها، بس أغني مع الي في الدور الأول وألون معاها، هذا كل التدريس الي أسويه :)
ومشكلتي مع رمضان: اللقيمات مو راضية تضبط، عندج حل :)

So funny you mention that, my husband, every Ramadan, becomes infatuated with all the historical series as he thinks the men at that time lived the life, and he gives me old Arabic names and loves to yell
هيا يا جارية
I can’t wait for Ramadan when my husband become Haroun AL-Rasheed wanna be

نقطة مهمة جداً هذه الثقافة الجنسية، وأعتقد أن أحد أكبر مصائب التسعينيات فصاعداً في الكويت هي مسألة منع الاختلاط
ولكن أين من يسمع؟ تقول ثقافة جنسية لمن يريد أن يمنع المرأة من المشاركة في الفرق الرياضية؟
باجر يقيمون علينا الحد :)

لأ، لأ، كلا ولا الأكلات الرمضانية، صحيح التشريب يترس بطني وكأني جربة، بس يا سلام، أحلم فيه طول اليوم
وما أكلت هريس من أول رمضان، أروح الجمعية اليوم وأشتري شوي، يعافيك ذكرتيني
وشخبار اللقيمات، تمام للحارج :)

How wonderful your opinion is, only if it came to be real, and it might be, I am not claiming that I know for sure, but it seems that this east vs west concept is strongly present, which is definitely a sad thing
But, we can always start with our selves, and because your “idealism” touched me deep, I will stop thinking in those terms and see what happens :)
Always wonderful to recieve your comments :)

dilli o milli said...

للقيمات أنطرها نطره بس من السنه ما أقدر أكلها منعا للأحراج ويه قصدي للحارج ! وبعدين أنتي لما يتي تسوين حلو رحتي طمرتي السلم كله وأخذتيه من فوق ونازل ! للقيمات يبيلها شغل أذا أنتي السنه باديه يبيلج بعد ثلاث سنين عشان تضبطينها حالها حال الدكتوراه

وبعدين علامج فضحتينا جدام المملوحه

Witty said...

هاهاهاهاها ترى ريلج مو أول واحد أسمع عنه يبي يعيش في هالحقبة من الزمان .. كلهم ياختج يبون يصيرون هارون الرشيد wanna-bes :|

(احم .. سمعت لقيمات .. توزعون؟)

Mamloo7a Q8ia said...

تستاهلين يا الغاليه والحمدالله انج ما تدرسينهم لان رمضان وتدريس كلش مو شي
بعدين شنو مشكلتج مع اللقيمات وانا اعطيج الحل الاكيد

ما تشوفين شر و كل شي ولا الحارج الله يعينج .. اكلي شابوره بدون سكر تودي الحارج
وبعدين يا دللي انفضحتوا واللي كان كان واكد صحة كلامي الحارج اللي تعانين منه

AyyA said...

Iguess you are right, I did not pay much attention to the title
Happy Ramadan sweetie

Soud said...

اليوم رحت المدرسة أدور على طلال بأى صف ؟؟؟؟ :p

dilli o milli said...


لو أكل طن شابوره ما ينفع أنا عندي حبوب لها مشكوره

وبعدين الحارج يصيب الكبير والصغير..بنت عمتي ولدها من ولدته وهو عنده حارج المسكين ودكاترة لندن عطوها
أدويه تعطيه قبل رضعته

White Wings said...

نسيت المملوحة تراقبنا
خلاص، راح أجرب كل يوم في الزوج والأولاد اللقيمات لما تضبط، ولو ان في اشادة بلقيماتي في مدونة شروق في التعليق على بوستها الاخير

مو توزيع، بس ابيع لقيماتي في مستر بيكر:)

ما يطلعون مدورين هاللقيمات، دائماً أشكال مرة بطة ومرة قطوة، والأولاد بس يضحكون عليهم وهم ياكلون

Happy and prosperous month to you to poet of all blog sphere

لا تنبش، ومنو طلال؟؟ :)

dilli o milli said...

white wings

شفت الأشاده عند شروق وأدري أنج أم السنع والدل ومتأكده أن لقيماتج ما تسوي حارج :D

بس لقيماتج عرفت من تروح له..مرت من تحت خشومنا ودل دل دل حق بعض الناس ...لنا الله يا الغاليه

Sheba said...

i would love to write 1/2 as good as this!

And what an amazing story!

And scary too! I mean think of all the sexually transmitted diseases that are being exchanged!

And whatever happened to relationships??

Sheba said...

oh that was a comment of Mumbo Jumbo