Friday, February 23, 2007

a tribute to my girls

She descended her beautiful white car. Heading towards me, she opened her arms wide and gave me a big hug and couple of Kuwaiti-style kisses. I looked at her in her funky jeans and gorgeous turquoise blouse and thought wow, she was shining, something was exceptionally special about her that day. Summer clothing fit her so well, her beauty shinned strongly. We got in the car, as she insisted for reasons that were unknown to me until then, to pick me up.
We got to the elegant restaurant and she asked for “the special table,” that sounded strange, but I went along. We were then directed to a beautiful cornered table, but something was different. On the table, there were two beautiful multi-colored candle-holders, gorgeous set of plates and the most beautiful golden set of utensils and golden accented glasses I’ve ever seen. I looked at the slender lady standing by me and I utter the stupidest sentence ever: “our table looks different, don’t you think?”
She gave me a beautiful smile and hugged me once more saying, you thought we forgot? Happy birthday

I stood there stunned for a while before she invited me to sit down. We waited for our designer, our third who, as my turquoise lady explained, took it upon herself, after they both went purchasing all the decorative things, to come a day before to the restaurant and design the table especially for the occasion. We waited a little before a lady in black came striding towards us. I jumped off my chair pointing at the table that she designed a day before yelling “come look at my table…it’s beautiful.” She laughed trying to remind me that she knew already, after all she was the one to design it. She was glowing in black, with a certain paleness that made her look as if she just came from an eighteenth-century novel…so refined with sadness even when not sad at all. I looked at the two women, exceptionally beautiful today...all for me:) I then kept shaking my legs giving them a sign that I was ready to jump at the buffet. When I got the signal, I ran towards the food. I went to the Salad buffet several times just to show off my special tableware, and I only settled in my chair after a neighboring lady complained to the manager: “why do they (meaning us) get to use these special plates?” Only then, and after giving the lady a teasing smile, I sank comfortably in my chair.
I can’t remember how long I sat on the table or how much I laughed but I remember that the minute I realized it was getting dark outside, I heard noise coming from the kitchen’s direction, and sure enough, the whole staff was heading toward us singing with three stunning desert plates, a huge pink-rapped present, and beautiful bouquet of baloons.
Then, three unique and beautiful cups of tea followed just to accent the sweetness of the pie on our plates.
I jumped off my chair, I sang and did a little dance, and then I decided this is no time for elegance (particularly after the singing and dancing) I am going for it. I ripped off the beautiful pink rapping and opened the box that had another box in it and then another, only to find at the end a glamorous brown box surrounded with white heart-shaped balloons, referencing my nickname that one of these two ladies invented, with this in it:

When the time came for us to leave, I was told that the candle-holders were mine. We called on the waiter who carried all my stuff, almost carried me as well, and put everything in the white elegant car. I gave my eighteenth-century lady a big hug as she rushed off, Gone-With-the-Wind style, towards her car. I got in the white car and was driven home. Just before I gave my turquoise lady a thank-you hug, she handed me a box of Fairouz’s complete works. I think that I forgot to hug her at the point and flew to my house to play with all my new things.
yasmina playing with the baloons
my candle holder resting on my dinning table

This is the day that I went back to being five again.
I don’t know what to say…thank you girls…really

Another big thank you to my girl Alia who was the first one to give me a present, cute and elegant purse, and the only one to bake me a home-made pie. It was a crime: pecan pie with caramel and I don’t know what else…I gained five pounds just looking at it
my girls..
thank you


intlxpatr said...

What a glorious day! Happy Birthday! And you captured the essence, that the very best part of the day, even better than all the tastes and all the presents, was the thoughtfulness and caring of the dear friends who love you.

*-fwai7-* said...

awww happy birthday!! those are the best kinds of birthdays :D my friends have a ritual of planning big big surprises one after the other for eachothers birthdays :D you really have great friends. Allah yi5aleekum 7ag ba3athhh and i'm glad you enjoyed ur special day!

AuThoress said...

WoW !
اجمل ما في الحياة، تلك المفاجأت المؤثرة حد ذرف الدمع ، بهجة ، عيدك مودّة حقيقية،وفرح دائم ورضا كثير ...

ما احلاكنّ

Jewaira said...

Happy Birthday and what a lovely surprise. Very thoughtful and loving.
All the best :)

Witty said...

السلام عليكم :D

ويه .. ما بغينا؟ أنا كنت خايفة أعلق على البوست السابق اللي فيه التاغ علشان ما تزفني ديلي ليش ما حطيت واحد بعد ما اهي "تاغد مي" .. احم

بس صج صج صج .. أبدعتي بشكل مو طبيعي في كتابة القصة :)) حسيت والله إني قاعدة معاكم من كثر ما أتقنتي الوصف مشالله :)) أنا وصلتني الأخبار بعدها بيوم وحدي تحسفت إني ما كنت معاكم :( بس ما عليه .. هم ملحوقة إن شاء الله

حبيبتي.. كل عام وانتي بألف خير وربي يعيده عليج إن شاء الله بكل خير وسعادة ويبلغج بياسمين قولي آمين :**

White Wings said...

you are absolutely right, all the effort put into that party touched me deeply
thanks for the visit and the very kind words

thanks dear, i do really have beautiful friends insideout :)
wish you all the best with yours

شكرا ايتها الجميلة كلماتك الطيبة
الصديقات مثل التمرات الناضجة، يروين العطش والجوع
ما أحلى زياراتك

hay girl, well, that's another present, your longed-for visit :)
thank you and all the best to you

آمين صديقتي العزيزة، ويردج لنا بالسلامة حتى تكونين معانا في كل القادم من المناسبات
القعدة كانت ناقصتج، وطبعاً سيرتج على لساننا، ما ونت أذونج؟
ويلا، جاوبي التاغ، ترى زعل بعض الناس جايد

sweetd said...

how sweeeeeeeet:) allah khaleehum 7agich inshallah

sweetd said...


Witty said...

هاها مجربة زعلها سكتي .. تزف ما تغشمر .. سئليها شنو سوّت فيني ذاك اليوم بالمسج هيهي

بس عفية لا تعلمينها عن التاغ .. ياختج ما أعرف أرد على هالأسئلة .. يبيلها ذكاء وفطنة وأنا يالله يالله أرمق بأي كيو من رقمين :)

وحبيبتي إذني مو بس طنت .. إلا وبدون مبالغة أعتقد والله العالم إني صرت صمخة في اذني اليمنى :| الله يستر :)

تحياتي :*

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

how sweet of them. you deserve it...happy birthday ;*

eshda3wa said...

Lucky Uu!!
Happy birthday sweety
love Uuu
-your favourite cousin in the whole world-

kila ma6goog said...

هابي بيرث داي

برج الحوت.؟

White Wings said...

thanks sweet of you to drop by

عدل، هذا احنا، حشنا كان من النوع الثقيل
وانت ويتي وتقولين ماكو ذكاء، عاد هذا عذر، بس ما راح اعلم، والله يستر وتنسى ديللي

shopaholic q8eya kind of u
and they are really special friends

hay favorite cousin in the world
i miss u and am angry with you, you come and go and no see :(
i will forgive you though if you promise free dental care for me and my family for the next ten years
love you tons

لأ، برج الدلو الدلو الدلو الدلو
والمرأة الدلو تحب الدلو
انت تهتم بالأبراج؟

shosho said...

Belated wishes for a happy birthday!

Aquarians are smart, carismatic, caring, eloquent, protective, diplomatic, and what makes them the best bunch in the zodiac is that I am one of them :P

So are you a jan or a feb aquarian?

White Wings said...

a feb one :)
so you told me all the good, we must have a bad side..tell it gently :)

shosho said...

ww, that makes two of us, and Aquarians have no bad side whatsoever, you can take my word for that :P

Alia said...

what a wonderful day u had
& those girls are amazing

I looooooooooooooooved them

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

My DeaR WhiTe HearT

I am really flattered !!

The way you described each one of us… made me felt like a Queen !!
lool .. Kuwaiti-style kisses !!!
I am going to wear my turquoise blouse every time I meet u since u loved it this much!

Wanted to kill the lady who said :-
أشمعنى أصحونهم غير عنا !!!! أنتي شكووووو !!؟؟

يا حبيبتي ... أنتي تستاهلين أكثر يا أم قلب أبيض ... لقد دخلت قلوبنا دون أستئذان بوجهك الملائكي وأبتسامه أسرتنا منذ الوهلة الأولى ... الله يديم علينا صداقتنا ولا يخلينا من بعض

كل عام وأنت بألف صحه وسلامه .. والعمر الطويل


أنتي متأكده أنج مووو مُنى ؟؟؟ هههههههه

We loooooooooved uuuuuu MORE


kila ma6goog said...

انا عيشتي كلها ابراج

Anonymous said...

waw what a bday i want one hehe really what a beeeeautiful setting thumbs up for your thoughtfull friends and since when did you become a poet i looooved your writing happy bday dear

Spontaneousnessity said...

yay ya bakhtech =} Happy Birthday cooza, & meena loooks so pretty in the picture, loved her dress from last time, just beautiful =}

Alia said...


لا تذكريني .. لي الحين محترة منكم
وآنا يكون حدي فطينة ... غ تسألني تقول عرفتيني .أقوللها إي انتي ر .. شفتي شلون آنا شاطرة؟؟ واهيه تكمل تقوللي .. إي

آآآآآآآخ .. منكم

بس والله والله انكم تهبلوووون
سعيدة آنا بهالصحبة


DiLLi O MiLLi said...


ههههههه ... يالله تزهبي حق المقلب أوووه... قصدي الطلعه الثانيه

وسالفة مُنى .. كنت برد للمره الثالثه أسأل أذا أنتي مُنى بس خفت لا تحذفيني بالصحن اللي جدامج !!.. ههههه

والله أنتوا اللي تهبلون .. وأحنا اللي أسعد يا حبيبتي بهالصحبه .. واللي ختامها كان مسك مع أحمد حلمي وبدلته اللي تعاني من ______ اللاأرادي ...هههه


جوى said...

Mark Twain the American humorist, satirist, writer once said :-

* Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the Ideal Life *

And this ^^^ is my Wish to you Dear on your BirthDay

Great Friends you have !! DON'T let go … GRAB with both hands.


AyyA said...

Oh, that was so sweet, and you deserve the best. Happy birthday sweetie :*

Mamloo7a Q8ia said...

حبيبة القلب
شكرا للوصف الرائع لنا وهذا طبعا من ذوقك الرفيع
وحلو وصف
a lady in blck
ما ادري ليش تذكرت فيلم
men in black
و ما سوينا الا الواجب وتستاهلين احلي احتفال يالغالية
وما تتخيلين سعادتنا فيك وفي صداقتك
الله يديم المحبة بيننا ونبقى اصدقاء للأبد
ونفاجئك كل سنة ان شاء الله
اما الطاولة اللي كانت جنبنا مساكييين ما قدروا يستمتعون بغداهم من الغيرة

احنا اكثر حبيناك
وانتي والله الرائعة
وفعلا استمتعنا بصحبتك الخفيفة اللطيفة
وان شاء الله نلتقي مرة ثانية
بس راح البس لك احمر علشان تعرفيني
بس اكيد انتي مو منى ؟؟؟؟
واكييييد عرفتيني ؟؟؟؟
غ مو ر

2 u ALL said...

Happy Birthday ....!!!

أسف أني رديت الزياره متأخر ..!! وأسف أن طافني الموعد الحقيقي على التهنئه بعيد ميلادك ..!! الصداقه الحميمه والحقيقيه تظهر في مثل هذه المواقف ..!! والمفاجئه الساره حلوه أذا كانت ممن تحب ..!! عسى كل أيامك وأعوامك .. أعياد وفرح وسعاده ..!! وأنتي بخير وعافيه ..!!؟

White Wings said...

I agree, we are all good babe..just wanted to make sure you know this fact

They loved you too..and it sure was a fun day…mona :)

تسلمين غاليتي، عمر طويل يجمعنا دائما قولي آمين
وحبيت أعلم البلوقرز ان وراء البلوقز جمال مختبئ، ودي أفضحه

صحيح؟ شنو تعرف عن برج الدلو؟

Thanks dear friend, I have the greatest friends in the world, yourself included despite the distant communications
Stay well and in touch
All the best

Thanks gorgeous, yalla we should go out for your BD and dance the night off

And thank you for the best wish ever, please pray for the “conscience” part, it keeps me up nights :)
Best wishes to you dear beautiful friend
Love to you

Miss you girl…so very much..
Thanks for dropping by, on my way to your blog

كان يوم مميز بكل معنى الكلمة
شكرا صحبتكم الرائعة سيدتي الغامضة
ومافي أحسن ولا أونس من حرة الطاولة الي بجانبنا

To u all
شكرا جميل دعاؤك وامنياتك
وحياك في اي وكل وقت

Brava Valentia said...

happy belated birthday...wish you many happy years to come ;* said...

Happy belated birthday WW! Lucky you with such friends! You deserve it though, and I won't let my jealousy show :)

I wish you all the best.