Friday, February 16, 2007

vacation, vacation

mostly torturous during our trip to Guangzhou was this

particularly after visiting this famous soup restaurant that put an end to my love for Chinese food

but then this was great fun for my hubby

then in Phuket, I had most fun in here

the hotel was amazing

in our room booklet, i found this and i stole it for blogging purposes

can you tell what it says?

the page indicates under the title Topless that

if you want to bare your breasts in public places, please do so discreetly. at the resorts swimming pool we kindly ask you not to go topless. the practice offends modern Thai sensibilities and is particularly offensive to local muslims.

then underneath, someone jotted down

muslims are offensive to me 9/11, Bali, etc

what do you think: understandable prejudice or sheer ignorance or something else??


shosho said...

Let's be honest:
boobs don't kill, muslim extremists do. So I would go for understandable prejudice.

kila ma6goog said...

عجيب اللي كاتب عن المسلمين

لي هالدرجة وده يطلع صدره؟


White Wings said...

i guess, but then all extremists kill and the problem might lie in the specification of "muslims"
i don't know shosho...these are very confusing times

الله يسامحك ما فكرت فيها جذي
تلاقيه ابرص ويبي تان طبيعي

dilli o milli said...

Told u ... u should have taken Craft Cheese and Bread !!

ههههه ... شوفي أهمه ما حطوا هالنوت عن التوب لس ألا بعد تفجيرات بالي .. واللي كتب النووت مااااا ألوووم كرهه للمسلميين بعد أحداث 9/11 مثل كره بعض الكويتيين للفلسطينيين بعد الغزو العراقي للكويت .. بمعنى أنهم عمموا الكره للمسلمين كافه كما عمموا الكويتيين كرهم للفلسطينيين كافه

HaPpY BiRthDay & VaLenTinE's DeaR

*The world is full of beauty
when the heart is full of love*

LoVe U,

shosho said...

There's a third possibility that we didn't think about.

It could be written by a muslim who wishes to show the extent at which muslims are hated abroad, sounds twisted but since when extremism made sense? Many extremists fabricate things about the west to inculcate in our minds that we are hated, thus justifiying their line of thought.

In short my dear, yes we are living in confusing times - times that made WW steal to blog :P

Papillona ® said...

Welcome back and Happy belated Birthday :*

White Wings said...

Happy valentine's sis
i can't thank you in a comment, i need to find a more creative way :)
كلامج صحيح فعلا، التعميم هو المشكلة، بس هو طبيعة بشرية كذلك، نظرنا دائما يبسط ويوحد الاشياء بينما هي أعمق وأكثر تعقيدا
البالونات البيضاء على مكتبي، تتراقص كلما مرت نسمة هواء فتذكرني بعصرية رائعة
love u more

hmmm, you are going with a conspiracy theory here :) but it is a possibility, although a funny or maybe an ironic one; what would a muslim fundamentalist be doing in Phuket, Thailan and in a resort?
ok dear, this notion is all yours, you tell us :)
and i didn't steal, i borrowed, haven't you ever grabbed a soup bar, a tube of cream or a shower robe before checking out of a hotel, same thing :)
and this is how you comfort your conscience :)

thanks love bug
miss you much

shosho said...

Simple - The same reason that made the 9/11 perpetrators go to a casino the day before - camouflage.

Tara I can go forever.....

dilli o milli said...

WhiTe HearT
DeaR ... YoU'Re ...
*****((((( TaGGeD )))))*****


White Wings said...

and I admire this about you :)

what can I say? yes mam :)
do you not know all these things about me though already? :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

coussinnnn =}

good to see ya ;}

I think the way they asked was really nice don't you think? it was asked politely and no one was hurt =} I think that's nice..

White Wings said...

i agree baby cousin
i actually admire their respect for an important and fairly big part of their population