Saturday, February 21, 2009


I received this video from my good friend Wonders

this was his own description of the scene

That short clip was from a room in one of the galleries at an exhibit of contemporary art from the middle east:
It supposed to be women praying...they are immaculately shaped out of foil. Some bowing some upright - caught in a moment. When you get in the room (when less people are there) and you see "them" from the back there is a moment that resonate, then as you walk along, something happens. I tied to capture that.

I asked for more clarifications, so he sent the following

(it is mainly the exhibitor's describtion of the visual, aesthetic, and moral? meaning of the scene)

this is what Wonders sent:

About that video, it's one of the gallery rooms of a bigger exhibit, but this is what it's been described as:
"In Ghost, a large installation of a group of Muslim women in prayer, Attia renders their bodies as vacant shells, empty hoods devoid of personhood or spirit. Made from tin foil - a domestic, throw away material - Attia's figures become alien and futuristic, synthesising the abject and divine. Bowing in shimmering meditation, their ritual is equally seductive and hollow, questioning modern ideologies - from religion to nationalism and consumerism - in relation to individual identity, social perception, devotion and exclusion. Attia's Ghost evokes contemplation of the human condition as vulnerable and mortal; his impoverished materials suggest alternative histories or understandings of the world, manifest in individual and temporal experience."

I think that description is a bit harsh, and as any good art it'll be judged by who sees/experience it.

what do you think?

and Wonders dear, you need to try your hand at serious creative writing


Anonymous said...

extremely harsh.

AyyA said...

This is reality, and reality is harsh

ZooZ "3grbgr" said...

i didn't like the description

but it is an artistic work

liked it

even though it gives a sense of slavery

i would definitely visit it


White Wings said...

i see your point

hmm, is it really reality? or just a point of view?

i am still contemplating this point, cannot really make up my mind


yes, i think it points at enslaving poeple, particularly women under the laws of Islam
it is explosive art

AuThoress said...

اشتممت رائحة غريبة.. وبصوت معادٍ لما رأيت صحت : لأ !

مادري .. موجع

White Wings said...

نعم، موجع
نظرة جافة، السؤال هو هل هي حقيقية؟
تراني ولهانة، متى بتعزميني على كوب عرقسوس؟؟

Anonymous said...

Reality's always one person's point of view, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to make of the art. It's a little too strong and the sublime in art seems mixed with the grotesque. Maybe it renders some appreciation for that mixture if nothing else. But it just seems too blunt, too political, maybe even, too modern.

White Wings said...

i love your evaluation
i was trying to find a middle ground view that you expressed so gracefully right here
thanks :*

Manal said...

I think it worth a visit